About – Rock Blocks

We Offer Route Shipping Insurance to cover an lost, damaged, or stolen packages.


While spending one Summer on Vancouver Island, Canada, Alisa had a few trees milled up and began to shape her first Rock Blocks. Re-locating back to Utah in the United States, she started shaping and naturally dyeing blocks to try to keep up with the unanticipated hype Rock Blocks were receiving. Now, 9 months and 3 employees later, we are continuing to grow every day!

Every wooden block is unique, which makes building a fun challenge for all ages. We use and make eco-friendly and non-toxic natural dyes to give exquisite color to the blocks.

Natural Dyes: Blackberry, Elderberry, Cranberry, Annatto Seed, Acorn, Indigo, Cabbage, Onion, Hibiscus, sustainably mined Bengala minerals, and Black Milk Paint (raw earth powder, milk proteins, plant-based fillers).

We use various types of wood including Yellow + Red Cedar, Fir, Pine, Birch, Cottonwood, and Spruce. We try to use as much recycled wood we can find from constructions sites, or leftovers from wood shops.


How long will my set take to ship? Generally, it takes about 5-8 days, however it can be up to 10 days, depending on our busy times.

Do you ship international? Yes! We ship worldwide.

What is the age requirement? We typically say 2-99. Two-year-olds start stacking them more, as opposed to 1 year old who still explore the world around them with their mouths.

Can I wash my blocks? We recommend finishing your blocks with coconut or linseed oil if you plan on washing your blocks. Because of the nature of the dyes, water will definitely diminish the colors.

How natural are the natural dyes, actually? They are 100% natural, and we don't just say that to get in your good graces! We draw every color from berries, leaves, plants, seeds, and minerals (non-toxic), and add ZERO chemicals, apart from baking soda in some of the dye baths.

Do you offer wholesale? We do! We actually have a tab on our website "wholesale" you can click on and let's get started!