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While spending one Summer on Vancouver Island, Canada, Alisa had a few trees milled up and began to shape her first Rock Blocks. Re-locating back to Utah in the United States, she started shaping and dyeing blocks to try to keep up with the unanticipated hype Rock Blocks were receiving. Now, 6 months and 3 employees later, we are continuing to grow every day!

Every wooden block is unique, which makes building a fun challenge for all ages. We use and make eco-friendly and non-toxic natural dyes to give exquisite color to the blocks.

Natural Dyes: Blackberry, Elderberry, Cranberry, Annatto Seed, Acorn, Indigo, Cabbage, Onion, and Black Milk Paint (raw earth powder, milk proteins, plant-based fillers).

We use various types of wood including Yellow + Red Cedar, Fir, Pine, Birch, Cottonwood, and Spruce.