While spending one Summer on Vancouver Island, Canada, Alisa had a few trees milled up and began to shape her first Rock Blocks. Re-locating back to Utah in the United States, she started hiring a Rock Block team to keep up with the unanticipated hype Rock Blocks was receiving. Three years later, our balance blocks are being shipped out to be played with all over the world!

The Rock Blocks team handcrafts every block at our wood shop in Highland, Utah. We source our wood from a local wood supplier in Salt Lake City.

Every wooden block is unique, which makes building a fun challenge for all ages. We use non-toxic acrylic paints to give exquisite color and eggshell finish to the building blocks.


How long will my set take to ship? Generally, it takes about 5-8 days, however it can be up to 10 days, depending on our busy times (holidays).

Do you ship international? Yes! We ship worldwide. International shipping and/or export fees may apply.

What is the age requirement? The recommended age is 2+. Two-year-olds start stacking them more, as opposed to 1 year old who still explore the world around them with their mouths.

Can I wash my blocks?

If marks occur on your blocks, you can take a washcloth and gently rub. If you have smooth grit sandpaper available, you can also carefully and slowly sand away the scuff. Our blocks are not meant to be played with in water. As with any paint, if exposed to moisture for a long period of time, it will be absorbed and soften the paint, thus resulting in flakes or peels of paint.

Do you offer wholesale? We do! You can email wholesale@rockblockshop.com to request our line sheet.